Parachute jumping with a round canopy, ever thought of doing it yourself ?

Dear Visitor,
Welcome to the website of Parachute Group Holland, (short:
 PGH), an international group of people devoted to jump with military type round canopy
 parachutes and history, brought together in a non-profit foundation. 

We like to jump our parachutes during training-, commemoration- and demonstration jumps or just for fun. The parachutes we use are military parachutes and can be seen by clicking this link Our Parachute equipment
We welcome new members who would like to learn to jump with a round canopy parachute. 
 We also welcome active and former servicemen and -women who wish to stay current or refresh their parachuting skills. For more details click here  2019 JUMP COURSES JUMP COURSES 2019

Last event of 2018 The Island, Heteren 
PGH team jumped at Crossroads Heteren to commemorate the 101st Airborne Division who fought there in 1944.

Manifest opens end november
please do not mail us ahead 
Wednesday 18 september Groesbeek
Friday 20 September Wolfheze 
Saturday 21 September Ginkelse Heide

Sunday 22 September reserve day

Wish to jump during Market Garden 2019  sign up for one of our courses  in 2019

courses in May  and August