With living history people think immidiately about re-enactment.
But for Para Group Holland that is not the case, for PGH is NOT a re-enactment group.
Parachuting is a serious business and not a game or play, you can not re enact real parachute jumps.
This is something that you really have to do from 2000ft  and not act like you are jumping. 

That we wear uniforms during our activities has an other reason then re-enactment. We wear time period uniforms for educational purporses or as illustration how it looked like.

PGH has as its goals, remembering all those who jumped with a parachute above occupied or hostile country during World War II and thereafter. To keep this memory alive PGH members jump in time period uniforms but without any weapons or equipment.
For some of our commemoration jumps or events we are asked to wear period uniforms.


Our other link with history is that we inform people about the history of Military parachuting and its use. PGH is run by volunteers both active and postactive soldiers and under its members PGH has many soldiers and veterans. Wearing an uniform accordingly is to give a complete picture.
When we do a presentation or jump we wear uniforms without any decorations or ranks not earned. 
Just the formation badges from units accordingly to the drop zones where they jumped. So please no band of brother imitations with helmet decorations etc.

Picture on the left shows one of our members 
kitted out in full jump gear during a display
 for a school.

                For training a pair of coveralls will do. 
To be not confused with to days soldiers no current camouflage items like woodland, digi cam and multicam during training when you are not an actual soldier.
Soldiers in actual service  can wear their uniform according the regulations , as well as retired and reserve soldiers.
Bear in mind wearing an uniform needs to keep up a smart appearance!

 For our courses and training we have helmets and coveralls when needed. 
Also for our commemoration jumps we have clothing on a limited base available.