The Parachute Group Holland is a group dedicated to jump with round parachutes and with a connection to history.

PGH has as its primary goals: 

 - To perform actual jumping with a classic military round parachute as much        as possible. 

- Remembering all those who jumped with a parachute above occupied or           hostile country during World War II and thereafter.

- Giving to the public the possability to learn to jump with a classic military          round canopy parachute.
                           - To give active and former soldiers the opportunity to come to us and jump                                     with a military round canopy under more favorable conditions.   

                           -To organise and participate in commemorative jumps.
                           - Give the opportunity to people already jumping square parachutes                                                  (Skydivers) the experience of jumping with a round parachute.

                           - Inform people about the history of Military parachuting and its use.

Para Group Holland is a non-profit organisation and as a foundation independent from other organisations. PGH aims to do all its actions at low costs to keep it open for people with a small budget. Based in Nederland the group welcomes not only Dutch members, but also people from other countries. As a civilian organisation we also welcome former and active soldiers to come to us and jump with a round canopy. 

July 2013 PGH became officially a member of the  Royal Netherlands Aeronautical Association (KNVVL) the Dutch national aeroclub. This means that all actual PGH jump activities are performed under the rules and regulations of the KNVvL which guarantees quality and safety of our couses and equipment.