What is Parachute Group Holland, its history.

In 2007 a group of enthusiastic people decided to form a parachute group in the Netherlands. In spite of the fact that the home of the group was in the Netherlands, the founders wanted it to be a group with an international character. 
This idea was brought to life in 2008 and the group started as SPPGH and soon developed itself to a most active group. Because of some confusion around the name and organisation the name was changed to PGH. 
The Parachute Group Holland is as a foundation a non-profit organisation. Its aim is to advocate jumping and learn to jump with military round canopy parachutes. Also to learn people about the history of this type of parachuting.
July 2013 PGH became officially a member of the  Royal Netherlands Aeronautical Association (KNVVL) the Dutch national aeroclub. The group welcomes not only Dutch members, but also people from other countries. And still are foreign members very welcome to join our group. 

From the beginning, many members have learned to jump a parachute with PGH. 
By doing that, they wish to remember the people who have participated in parachuting during World war 2 and there after.  PGH not only wants to remember the members of 'regular' parachute units but all those who have made a  parachute jump in wartime conditions. Pilots who saved their lives with 'hitting the silk'. Also the men and women deployed  by organisations like the OSS, SOE, BBO or the SAS teams for special operations.  All those who were parachuted above occupied or hostile territory.

To keep the memory alive and to give a historical image the members of PGH jump during demonstration- and commemorative jumps dressed in uniforms of the Allied forces. These uniforms are the same as the uniforms that were being worn during the operation that is being commemorated.

With large commemorations a classic Douglas C47 Skytrain/ Dakota is used to jump from. PGH often uses an aircraft with the name 'Drag em Oot' which has seen action during the Second World War above Normandy and Arnhem.



Since its founding the Parachute Group Holland has made commemorative jumps on several original dropzones throughout Nederland and Europe. In Nederland the Ginkelse Heide (near Ede), where the annual mass parachute drops to commemorate the Battle of Arnhem take place. Other dropzones were: Wolfheze, Overasselt, Groesbeek, Son, Eerde and Driel. On some of these dropzones no parachutists have landed since the Second World War.

Also less well known and smaller dropzones are not being forgotten, PGH has made commemorative jumps at Putten and Elspeet. These jumps where to remember and commemorate the airmen, agents, SAS teams and resupply missions for the Dutch resistance. Further PGH has jumped to commemorate 'operation kraai' (operation Crow, the first Dutch airborne operation), 'operation Pheasant' and operation Amherst.

Parachute Group Holland has scheduled many more jumps like these in the future. Individual members have jumped in other places on other historical dropzones like in Normandy and Bastogne.

Would you like Parachute Group Holland to perform a commemorative or demonstration parachute jump? Please Contact us.

The Parachute Group Holland is not a reenactment group, jumping in uniform is only been done to pay tribute to the people who jumped during World War two and as role model for the younger generation. Jumps are performed without weapons and equipment, one commemorates man, not the war. During all activities of PGH, safety is the first concern.

Next to jumping and commemorating, PGH also like to inform the public about military round canopy parachuting.
This is done by organizing displays and lectures with demonstrations of how a parachute works
Also static displays and readings is done in with other organisations or schools.

If you wis, you can participate in multiple ways in the events organized by Parachute Group Holland. First of all sign up as a contributor. As a contributor you have the opportunity to make part of the ground crew on the dropzone (DZ). Furthermore you can take part in all events organized by PGH in- or outside the Netherlands.

It is also possible to learn and jump yourself. In this case you need to sign up for the 'Basic jump course'. This course is organized several times a year and must be followed in order to get familiar with the round canopy parachute and all procedures for jumping it in a safe way. For people who already have a (military) static line round canopy parachuting license it is sufficient to follow a 'refresher' (shortened course). For more information about the basic jump course see the section Jump courses.