JUMPWEEK SEPPE 6-12 August 2016.

During a week PGH participated with the jumpweek from ENPC in which the group was invited. Seppe is situated near Breda in the south of Nederland . This week was also used to give an opportunity to all those who still did not complete five jumps to make those five jumps. Unfortunately the weather was not that good and there was much wind. But despite of that some diehards stayed and made five jumps. To stay there was an improvised camping made with dixies and even an outside shower.

At Seppe airport tables were set up in order to pack more easy then being on the floor. All parachutes were packed and after that there was waiting until the wind went down


For the jumps we would make use of two drop zones, one for students (0-5) jumps and one for more experienced jumpers or those showing good canopy control skills.


Above pictures shows student DZ which is a large strech of grass surrounded by other open fields, church in the centere is Oudenbosch. When wind went down DZ SO set up wind indicator and T marker. 


Soon the C 208 came in and after dropping the wind drift indicators the jumpers followed. Gently they came down in the evening sky to the drop zone.


Jump week ended Saturday 13 august and at the end of the day there was a final jump in which three qualified by making their fifth jump.
Befor celebrating all gear was packed into a car to be brought back to storage waiting for the next jump.