You  already have jump experience 

People who are current jumpers or already have jump experience (no tandem jumps) from the past and followed a basic round canopy jump course it is possible to join PGH and jump with us.  
If you jumped in the recent past (less than one year) there is the possibility to follow just  a Harness test or 'refresher' (shortened course). A refresher will take about one day of time. The person must show his/ her logbook in order to determine the level of experience. Is it longer than one year ago you jumped for the last time, you need to follow the basic ground course again. More info about  harness test and refresher  click Harness test and Refresher


Current military jumpers who would like to take part in jumps of Parachute Group Holland only need a short refresher course, to be determined by our instructor. They should also have a valid medical declaration and they also should show his/ her logbook or other official documents.

Skydivers and other square canopy parachute jumpers

Because of the differences in procedures and equipment, square canopy jumpers need to follow the complete basic jump course. Even when they are current jumpers this is mandatory.
Beginners we recommend to have your 'A' license or a minimum of 75 jumps before start jumping rounds.

Our jump equipment

The basic parachute that PGH uses is the MC1-1C an American type military round canopy parachute.
In Our Parachute equipment  you can learn about the specifics of this canopy.

How to take part?

To take part in the basic course or refresher for round canopy parachute jumping with Parachute Group Holland you have to fill in the application form and send it to us. You also have to be in the possession of a valid medical declaration which states that you are both physically and mentally fit for parachute jumping. Both forms can be obtained by mailing to  both forms are in English or Dutch.
For experienced and square jumpers you fill in the application form and also which paperwork you already have
jump licence, medical with date of expiration,  membership KNVvl or NAC


The costs for taking part in the basic course are €450,- which includes  two days of ground training; five jumps to earn your license; the use of our parachute equipment; registration as a candidate parachutist at the KNVVL (Royal Netherlands Aeronautical Association); insurance; group patch; logbook; jump license Upon registration for the course  a non refundable fee of €75,00  for registration and contributor-ship PGH for the current year is required .
Experienced square parachute jumpers who are still current just have to follow the two day ground course and make five jumps to get the static line licence costs are € 250 and the jumps have to be paid separately € 25 a jump .

A refresher is just one day and costs are €150 during one of our basic jump courses.

For more information and costs    Contact us  or directly