Basic round canopy Parachute jump Course

This course is especially for people who have no jump experience at all and comes in two parts.
Our basic round canopy parachute course for jumping consists of two days of ground training. 
The course is given by our own qualified and skilled instructors. During these two days they will teach you the theory of parachute jumping but mainly by practicing.  From becoming familiar with the parachute equipment and how it should be treated, jumping out of the airplane, actions under the parachute and how to make a good and safe landing.  Finally you will learn how to pack the parachute.


On the end of the second day an overall rerun of the theory is done, after which there is a final test. For the instructors and for yourself to be sure that you are ready to jump.

Para Group Holland has the first jumps scheduled in the week just next after the basic course weekend. In this week students can make their first jump. First jumps can also be done in weekends after when jumping is scheduled. The student determines when he or she jumps, but the first jump should be done within three months after the basic course. 

After five jumps you have earned your static line round canopy parachuting license. Dutch servicemen/ -women can submit a request to their commanding officer to wear the basic parachute (B) wing.
 For more information about this procedure visit the following  link.
note: for foreign students it is at their own military organisation to decide if students are allowed to wear wings.

After earning your static line round canopy parachuting license you are ready to take part in the jump activities of Parachute Group Holland. In order to do so you should jump on a regular basis to keep yourself trained. A minimum of two jumps per six months is required to remain current. If a member is not able to remain current, a refresher (a shortened basic course) is sufficient to regain a current jump status. If a member has not jumped for a period longer than one year, he or she has to follow the basic course again. 

It is recommended to jump regularly, in doing so the jumper will gain confidence and get more familiar with the parachute equipment.

Off course by now you want to know which parachute we use as  Our Parachute equipment

How to take part?

To take part in our basic round canopy parachute jump course you have to fill in the application form and send it to us. You also need to be in the possession of a valid medical declaration which states that you are both physically and mentally fit for parachute jumping. Both forms can be obtained by mailing to


The costs for taking part in the basic course are  € 450,- .   Included are two days of ground training; five jumps to earn your license; the use of our parachute equipment; registration as a candidate parachutist at the KNVvL (Royal Netherlands Aeronautical Association); insurance; group patch; logbook; jump license.  
Upon registration for the course  a non refundable fee of € 75,-   for registration and contributor-ship PGH for the current year is required. This is also a deposit for the money of the course. Final amount of € 375,-- has to be paid no later then two weeks before the course starts.

For more information Contact us or see our Jump