All jumps are made from a C47/DC3 Dakota with round canopy static-line parachutes with chest reserves. So you need an USL static line with extension with cotton buffer and hook.  No other type of extension is allowed.

 Afbeelding invoegen

When You bring your own parachute: 

 Due to safety reasons jumpers will not be allowed to use any other type of parachute than MC1-1C/D, SET-10  or SF-10A NO non-steerable T10; PX; ETAP 665/72 or equivalents are allowed.

Reserve parachutes: for jumps below 2000 ft you need to be in the possession of a spring-loaded reserve parachute system; MA1 Pilot parachute or MIRPS system.

All the parachute material from both main and reserve parachute used, may not exceed the 25 years of manufacture. That applies to the parachute canopy, risers, harness, packtray and opening system: deployment bag and staticline. 

This also includes the reserve parachute and container

All parachutes have to be rigger checked at the according intervals with accompanying papers. Be sure you have the original papers with you.  NO photocopies or pictures on telephones etc

 When you are not in the possession of own parachute equipment PGH have limited sets for hire at € 50 a jump .