To participate and jump during the 76th commemoration of  operation Market Garden in 2020 the following steps are required

-     Being parachute qualified and current in date. A minimum experience of 5 static line round parachute jumps is required. Date of last jump within 3 months (no later then 18 june) previous of the jump you want to take part in. 

-   We accept all military parachute training (when current) and current training with organizations like PGH (LJT/ADT/Pathfinder). In some cases additional refresher or training with our parachute system can be necessary.

-    We accept also all military parachute training when current, but need proof of currency and date last jump. in some cases additional refresher or training with our parachute system can be necessary.

-      When not in date or parachute qualified we recomment to take one of our (refresher)courses. You can find more information by clicking this link


-   Participation in Market Garden garden is open for student jumpers when they have completed all 5 jumps required at the date of 1 september 2019. 

-   If you have never jumped we recommend one of our basic jump courses and making a jump with us before date.  Click 2020 Jump Courses

-     Skydivers and other square parachute jumpers can participate after doing a PGH refresher course (dates see jumpcourses).

-     For current jumpers. Taking part in any of the parachute jumps will not be allowed if you have less then 50 jumps on a round parachute system and currently have been jumping a square parachute system during the previous 6 months. Unless these square jumps were followed by at least 2 round canopy jumps 3 months before participating in Market Garden.


-    Mandatory pre jump training the day before the jump. For Market Garden 2019 we have the the intention to make use of three jumpships. Therefore prejump training is mandatory for all participants to be sure everybody masters proper exit technique. 

Note: In The Netherlands a third party liabity insurance is mandatory by Dutch law.

Be sure you have this insurance on you when applying for Market Garden. The papers have to be shown.

All original papers have to be shown; no photocopies , cell phone pictures or other pictures.