Everybody is familiar with the history of Market Garden and what took place in September 1944. Today we want to remember these events and to relive it to some extend. More important is to commemorate what happened  and all those who fought and died during operation Market Garden.  

Each year PGH plans commemoration jumps in the Market Garden commemoration weekend.   For the 76th anniversary PGh has planned a whole week. Starting the week on Thursday 17 September with the opening of our basecamp at Wolfheze until Sunday 20 September. On sunday we will end Market Garden 2020 with our closing ceremony by handing out certificates and commemoration patches in the afternoon at Wolfheze 

                  In this week we offer you a program to commemorate and celebrate                                          the 76th anniversary of Operation Market Garden

                  planned jumps 


                                Friday 18 September Wolfheze                      

                         (1944 DZ/LZ  of first day 17 September drops of the 1st British Airborne division)

                           Saturday 19 September Ginkelse Heide  (Ginkle heath)                                  DZ/LZ  of second day 18 September drops of the 1st British Airborne division)

Sunday 20 September reserve day.

Sorry but our manifest for Market Garden 2020 is not open yet.

keep an eye on this page for dates



Our base camp at Camping Lindenhof at Wolfheze opens on Thursday 17 September     at 13.00 for the early birds. From that moment you can check in register, build up your tent and meet the other participants. 



You are welcome to meet PGH and its members in the afternoon at the campsite.

Watch the packing of parachutes and get information how to join at: