75th commemoration operation Market Garden


You can only registrate for yourself personally at secretary-PGH@live.nl no group mails.

Everybody who wish to attend in the jumps during operation Market Garden 2019 has to fill in the application form. The application form has to be filled in personnally and complete and has to be send by email to: secretary-pgh@live.nl  

Personally filling in is mandatory in order to have correct and update information about the person participating. Therefore fill it in by computer so it is clear writing and easy to process for us.

Send it in personally and not in combination with somebody elses application. This is to verify that we have your correct email address to send additional information.  When sending combinations or groupmails in this type of mails only the sender will be accounted for.

Your application for Market Garden becomes solid as soon as we have received the total amount of money for the total number of jumps you want to do.


 Be sure you have paid your 2019 PGH donation.

Upon registration the total amount of costs has to be paid to make your application valid. 

Money need to received on PGH account no later then three weeks after sending in your application. After three weeks and we received no payments your application will be put on the reserve list.

Re-Registering after this date cost extra administration and late entry fee will be charged and added to the costs of an extra € 100,--

-to be sure of a slot during Market Garden 2019 you need to Register for the manifest by sending in the application form and have fully paid the money for the jumps(included is a non refundable registration fee of € 100) 

  The payments have to be made payable to the PGH Bankaccount-nr. 

 Bank: Rabo Bank West Betuwe Tiel on the name of Paragroup Holland Leusden. NL   

   IBAN: NL86 Rabo 0153805005       Bic Swift code:    ABNANL2A

                 NOTE: When using Paypal remember costs are at your expense.


Note: In Nederland a third party liabity insurance is mandatory according the Dutch law. Be sure you have one when applying for Market Garden, papers have to be shown.