Jump courses  2019

This is your chance to get in date for Market Garden 2019

To participate, no previous jump experience or tandem jumps needed.
PGH exclusively trains for jumping with round canopy type parachutes only. 
Our courses are open for anybody (civilians and military) who wish to learn to jump with a round canopy parachute. 

Age and weight limit
Our courses are open for both men and women between the age of 16 and 50 years old, 
Please note that we have a strict age limit of 50 years for people who never jumped before.
Your body weight may not be over 100kg.

You also need a medical examination and approval from a medical doctor.
For the rest we provide you with everything needed for the course, including the clothing.

Basic parachute jump course 2019 

 AUGUST  This course is the gateway to Market Garden 2019 

 WEDNESDAY 7 Thursday 8 August ground training 

Jump days Friday 9-Sunday 11August 
Note: dates are fixed and not subject to change,
Our basic jump course comes in two parts.
A full weekend of two days ground training at Breda International Airport near Bosschenhoofd. 
Second part is the actual jumping directly after the ground training and consists of five jumps from an aircraft.
The two weekend days of the ground course days are mandatory. 
These two days form the necessary base for actual parachute jumping in a safe way. 

The second part of the course the actual jumping.
This follows directly after the ground training or at a moment you decide to jump.
Note first jump has to be made within 3 months after ground training).

Want to know more? in case of  You have no jump experience  just click this link.

Do you already have jump experience (no tandem jumps) .
Jumped with the military  years ago and do you want to pick it up again? 
Or maybe you are an experienced skydiver and want to know how it is to jump with a round canopy.
In both cases it is possible to jump with us when you are not over 50 years of age, just click here:  You have jump experience or contact directly secretary-pgh@live.nl


The costs for taking part in the basic course are  € 450,- .   Included are two days of ground training; five jumps to earn your license; the use of our parachute equipment; registration as a candidate parachutist at the KNVvL (Royal Netherlands Aeronautical Association); insurance; group patch; logbook; jump license

To confirm your registration send in full payment € 450,- within two weeks after sending in your application form.
We must have received the money a week before beginning of the course.
In the course fee is included a non refundable registration fee of €175,--.

Dutch participants

Betaling in twee delen is mogelijk 
Bij aanmelding  €175,- registratie kosten en lidmaatschap voor het lopende jaar.
Resterend bedrag van  € 275,-- moet uiterlijk één week voor aanvang cursus op onze rekening staan.
Geen betalingen contant. 

Wish to participate or questions contact  secretary-pgh@live.nl