JUMP moments PGH 2019 at  SEPPE

Schedule of our PGH jump moments for the rest of this year 2019. 
Please note jumping as always when weather permits. the dates are:

Saturday 14 Sunday 15 September.
Registry in advance needed 


secretary-pgh@live.nl  manifest closes Friday 18.00 for BOTH days

The 75th anniversary for operation Market Garden will take place in the period of 16 september- 22 september 

Commemoration jumps are planned for:

 Wednesday 18 september Groesbeek

(Den Heuvel or Klein Amerika both were 82nd Airborne Division 1944 DZ's )  

                                            Friday 20 september Wolfheze                                             (1944 DZ/LZ  of first day 17 September drops of the 1st British Airborne division)

                          Saturday 21 September Ginkelse Heide  (Ginkle heath)                         DZ/LZ  of second day 18 September drops of the 1st British Airborne division)

sorry manifest Market Garden 2019 closed


   Our base camp at Camping Lindenhof at Wolfheze opens on Monday 16 september September  at 13.00 register with secrtetary-pgh@live.nl